Robin McAlpine, Common Weal

Richard Dixon, Friends of the Earth Scotland

George Monbiot

Professor Emeritus, Sir Thomas M Devine

I am happy to support the aspiration for a Climate Citizens Assembly as a means of further spreading knowledge among the people of Scotland about the grave threat that climate change poses to our world.

Liz Murray, Global Justice Now

For millions of people around the world climate change is a crisis which has already arrived. Those in the Global South, who were impoverished by colonialism and have then had decades of a global economy being rigged against them, are feeling its effects most acutely. Corporate profit continues to be put above people and the planet that sustains us. If we are to right the global injustice of climate breakdown then we must change the system that has caused it. That’s why we support the setting up of a Climate Citizens Assembly as we believe that it could play a powerful, meaningful and practical part in changing that system, and in challenging the current balance of power which favours big business and short term politics.

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Irene Tortajada
Caroline Mcquade
Barry Graham
GarySon OfDavid
Claire Maclean
Chrissie Black
Barbara Mair
Bobbie Winter-Burke
Joe Hesmondhalgh
Kristine Mackenzie
Jessie Parsons
Eva Schonveld
Lynette Robertson
Gil Anderson
Martin Meteyard
Emily Peach
Ewan Bailey
David Somervell
Jim Bevinvgton
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